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How do I uninstall FireflyPro software?

Please unplug the wired product or wireless receiver from the computer and follow these steps:

  1. From the “start” menu select “Control Panel” and select “programs and features”. (For XP – “add and remove programs”)
  2. Click on FireflyPro and select “Remove” from the top of the window.
  3. When prompted with “Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features?” Select “Yes”.
  4. Wait until the FireflyPro icon disappears from the list.
  5. On the “program and features” list, find “Digital Microscope” and select “Remove”. If “Digital Microscope” is not on the list, please proceed to Step 8 below.
  6. When prompted with “Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features?” Select “Yes”.
  7. Follow the un-installation screens.
  8. Please restart the computer.

Can I use Firefly products on a thin client?

No, a designated CPU is required to run FireflyPro.

Can I install the software without a CD?

Yes. To install our Windows or Mac software without a cd, please click HERE to download the Windows or Mac installation file, then follow the installation instructions on the download page.

Will my Firefly device work on a Mac?

Yes. Please click HERE to download FireflyPro for Mac, then follow the instructions on the download page.

Note – The software requires OSX v10.8 or later running on Intel. Power PC based systems are not supported.

I installed the FireflyPro software but it does not open.

The problem might be related to the PC virtual camera. On some PCs the virtual video/webcam driver doesn’t allow other cameras to operate. This must be disabled in order for Firefly devices to work properly. Please try the following:

  1. Check to see if there is a virtual camera icon on the windows desktop system tray (on the bottom right side of the screen). If so- right click on it and disable it.
  2. Go to control panel, select “programs and features” and look for virtual camera or webcam. If one is present you will need to disable it.
  3. In control panel select “device manager” and then “Imaging Devices” to expose all cameras in the system. Here, please right-click on the webcam and disable it. Also, if you see virtual camera, disable that as well.

Now that the the system no longer has an active virtual camera, try running the FireflyPro software. (You may need to re-install FireflyPro.)

FireflyPro is open but I cannot see the live image.

For wired products:

Make sure that the camera is plugged and turned-on.

Verify that the LEDs are illuminated and that the brightness dial on the side of the camera is at its maximum setting.

For wireless products:

Turn on the camera and confirm the wireless receiver and the camera are on the same channel. If you still don’t see an image the camera’s battery may be drained – Please charge the device.

Will I lose my pictures and videos if I upgrade the software?

No. The only caveat is that the pictures’ default name is based on a date. So if you keep the default names, pictures from the specific upgrade date may be overwritten.

I get the message “Device driver software was not successfully installed”, what should I do?

The FireflyPro software installation includes two main components:  The FireflyPro application and the device driver that allows the PC to recognize and control the Firefly device. The error message can be due to one of the following:

1. You do not have administrator privileges on the PC. Please re-install FireflyPro as an admin.

2. For software versions prior to version 1.50 – You may have accidentally installed the DE500/DE501 or other wired device software instead of the DE550/DE551 or other wireless device. Please download our new software version HERE. Save the file on your computer and install it by double clicking the file and follow the installation screens.

3. You plugged the wireless receiver in before installing the FireflyPro software. Please remove the receiver and install the software first.

4. You plugged in the receiver and immediately launched the FireflyPro software. On some computers (when you plug in the receiver for the first time) it takes about a min for the PC to recognize the new device and associate the driver to it. Please remove the receiver, plug it again and wait for the PC to recognize and install the device. Then launch FireflyPro application.

The software keeps telling me to plug-in the device and turn on LED, what is wrong?

For wired models – Please connect using the USB cable and turn the device ON.

For wireless models – Please connect receiver to the PC and wait until it is recognized by Windows. When ready, double click on the FireflyPro icon to launch the software.