– Medical –

“To be honest with you I used different types of endoscopy systems (some of them range from 5.000 up to 50.000) since 1981 when I started my residency program. I was astonished that your otoscope provided the best image I had ever seen with small details of ear structure including the blood supply to the tympanic membrane and the ear canal. In the case of fungal infections of the ear canal it can show the masses of debris containing the fungal hyphae which are the protruding filaments allowing the fungus to grow with suppuration. The patients were very much delighted to see their ear drums with the handle and short process of the malleus clearly.”
Dr. Zaatari, ENT Surgeon

“After looking into several options that are around 10 times more expensive, I was so pleased to come across the Firefly. I have incorporated it into my practice for several applications, but most especially for balloon sinuplasty in the office. There is nothing like it and it is perfect for this application. I would highly recommend the Firefly.”
Dr. Michael J. Kortbus, Hudson Sinus

“This is a most remarkable piece of equipment. Just started using it today and I was able to easily train my medical assistant. As I get to use the DE500, I may need to add a DE605 in the future. The software is stable and the plug and play feature to the Doxy platform is flawless.

I am a pediatrician with 40+ years of clinical practice. I miss being with my patients personally and am delighted that I am able to continue to care for them from a remote location. My CMA does all the heavy lifting and with the Firefly DE500 I am able to see children coming to me for ear infections and allergies. As an otoscope there is no comparison on the market that is able to do what this does. The hard wired version is most practical as it gives unlimited time for examination. The quality of the picture is better than a manual otoscope. There is a learning curve in focusing but my CMA learned in a day. Compare the price to any product on the market with the quality of the image and the Firefly wins hands down. Pediatricians live and die by their otoscopes so I can’t say enough about this product.”
Dr Sam Lew, Pediatric Medicine

“I have been using the wireless Firefly for about 18 months. It was inexpensive AND works better than the one that cost me thousands of dollars. I love it because it is easy to travel, easy to use, and takes great pictures. My patients have been very impressed with it and tell their friends about the advanced equipment used by my practice.”
Noel Crosby AuD, Advanced Hearing Solutions

“This has been the best video otoscope I’ve used and definitely the best video otoscope for the money on the market.”
Dan Allen, Allen Hearing

“I have been using the Firefly DE1250 since it was first introduced in the US in 2015. Being wireless and lightweight made it a very attractive option for my office practice. While it does not always have the clarity and color of the more expensive cameras, the versatility, ergonomics, and price are unmatched. It has been our workhorse office-based camera for the past 24 months.”
Dr. Peter Catalano, Chief of Otolaryngology, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

“As a Dermatologist I feel its a magnificent equipment. It not only helps to visualize Epidermal and Sub-epidermal changes but also helpful in determining Hair and Scalp changes. As it is wireless it gives a great degree of mobility and patient compliance.”
Dr. S. Bhattacharjee, Dermatologist

“During the annual health surveillance we look for any abnormalities in the ear. Using the Firefly video Otoscope, employees can view their ear canal and tympanic membrane, and anxiety is lessened as employees can see any abnormalities with their own eyes. I specifically like the ease of use with the Firefly Otoscope. As the occupational health nurse, I show the employee how to hold the unit and give direction on safety, and then I encourage them to position the speculum in their own ear. I assist with focus and taking still shots as needed. I am then able to e-mail the employee their ear pictures as well as place a print copy in their medical chart. Employees are very impressed with the new technology”.
M. French, Occupational Health Nurse

“I purchased 5 wireless endo-cameras for my mission trip to Honduras. I have since given away all 5 to the chief residents. The devices were easy to set up and simple to use. The Honduran ENT physicians loved them. I am requesting special pricing to buy 10 devices for my next trip to donate to the remaining ENT junior residents and attending physicians.”
Dr. Christopher Perry, Toledo Clinic

“I got the Firefly wireless dermatoscope and has been working awesome. The wireless its really useful, the camera definition is what i need and its easier to talk to my patients showing them on my computer or TV what I´m explaining. As a plus, the service is really good since i had some questions about how to use it and they responded right away”.
Dr. Rafael Arenas, Plastic Surgeon

“My office just purchased a wired Firefly video otoscope; we really like it because it’s easy to install, easy to use, and perfect for capturing and saving images of whatever is on the screen. I like it better than the older video otoscope at my previous place of employment. The Firefly will definitely generate a “wow” experience in our booth at an upcoming Women’s Health Fair.”
Alison Soto AuD, Parker Audiology

“Tried two other approaches before finally finding a solution! The Wireless Firefly DE550 is the perfect in-class tool for me. Students appreciated both the real-time nature of the demonstration as well as the clarity of the images produced”.
Professor S. Paul, RMU

“Useful tool for routine hair examination in Trichology & Hair Transplant Practice”.
Dr. Rajput

– Veterinary –

“The best tool in our kit. Nothing increases compliance better than owners actually seeing ear mites moving inside their pet’s ears. We also use the video otoscope to demonstrate to owners the success of our therapy on many chronic ear infections. Nothings says success like a before and after treatment pictures. We now have a number of clients that insist on “seeing for their self” that ears are normal.”
Dr. Rick Davis, Davis Vet

“I am a veterinarian. We have a Firefly in 3 of our 4 exam rooms. The only reason we don’t have one in the 4th exam room is because we do not have a computer in that room.

Previously, we used the Welch Allyn 23101V attached via RCA wire to a television in each exam room. While these were fantastic, as they got older they slowly wore out. Unfortunately, Welch Allyn no longer makes that video otoscope.

Fortunately, Firefly came out with a WIRELESS video otoscope. This has been a blessing, as the nature of my business is working with pets. Not all of them will be able to be lifted onto an exam table. Similarly, several will nervously stay close to their owners on the bench on the far side of my exam rooms. The Firefly has offered me the versatility to meet my patients anywhere in the exam room, thereby increasing the comfort of a not-so-comfortable part of the exam for my patients.

I have often told my clients that the video otoscope is absolutely my favorite piece of equipment in my entire hospital! Looking in a patient’s ear with a traditional otoscope does not provide the “ew!” factor that clients experience when they can see inside their pet’s ear with me on the computer monitor.

This public visualization of inflamed, infected, or especially mite-infested ears has translated into further diagnostics and treatments over and over and over again. The video otoscopes I have used over the years have been the most-easily paid-for pieces of equipment I have ever purchased.

My most recent Firefly acquisition was just in October of 2019. They finally came out with a model that will connect wirelessly and without a dongle to my iPad! Due to my reliance on otoscopy, this new product has enabled me to bring the Firefly out of the exam rooms and even accompany me on house calls.

Musings from a sincerely-satisfied customer.”
Dr. Adam Ferguson, Baker Animal Hospital

“The KT2130 Wireless Veterinary Endoscopy Set has proven to be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in our practice. Not only can we perform unparalleled video otoscopy but we use the same wireless camera on our rigid TCI scope. By not having to always drag out the endoscopy cart and camera it has allowed us to better utilize our work spaces. I have found the wireless connection to be extremely reliable and the image quality to be capable of all our diagnostic needs. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to upgrade to the wireless world!!”
Kenneth R. Mallard, DVM, Strafford Veterinary Clinic

“It’s super effective for client compliance and, by the way, this little device generated more revenue for me than my ultrasound system costing thousands of dollars”
Dr. Jack Bregman, Reunion Veterinary Hospital

“I have been using Firefly for more than two years, I am very impressed with the quality of the picture, equally the perception of the clients when they see the inside of their pets ears,the visual image on TV makes it very easy to recommend diagnostic work or ear flush…..etc . Firefly is a tremendous asset and money maker to the practice and I highly recommend it.”
Dr. Ahmed Said, Academy Animal Hospital

“The firefly arrived today! Easy set up! Allergy season is beginning so that Firefly is going to get a good work out! I really think having the owner’s see what we are looking at can help with compliance!”
Dr. Kristi Gaff, Avalon Animal Hospital

“I love my DE551 Otoscope! It’s awesome! Every exotic vet should have one.”
Dr. Tia Greenberg, Westminster Veterinary Group

– Industrial –

“Highly recommend to anyone in the jewelry manufacturing, gemstone trading, and gemstone grading businesses” “easy, intuitive software for us non-computer people! I can now quickly grade and photograph the smallest gemstones with great accuracy and incredible image quality.”
J. Michael Wallace, President and CEO of Wallis Reid Jewelry

“I purchased the GT620 in replacement of another digital microscope we had purchased a few years back and as soon as I had the Firefly wireless digital microscope in my hand, I immediately found it was easier to use, and more convenient than the one I previously had. In addition, the long reach of the wireless antenna help me when I have to go on the field since it provide a longer reach so I don’t have to transport the portable computer every time I change place in the facility”.
P. Aubin, Aerospace Technician

“I’m certainly glad that I chose Firefly for my first microscope and this certainly will not be my last purchase of Firefly products”.
T. Flores, Plano TX

“I have owned the Firefly GT800 for about a year and have found it so useful for our lab. We have used it a lot for evaluating sealing surfaces on plastic parts and circuit board solder connections. The clarity of the 2 megapixel images is amazing. The thing that really put it over the top for me was having the ability to adjust the intensity of the LED lighting. Many of the USB microscopes out there do not have this function”.
T. Vandergeest, Reliability Engineer

“I successfully downloaded the software from the website and WOW!!! I love this new microscope, absolutely perfect!!”.
K. Resanovich