Downloads – Mac

To download the latest version of FireflyPro for Mac, please follow the installations steps below.

Note – The software requires OS X 10.14 or later running on Intel. Power PC based systems are not supported. For users
running a Mac OS X older than 10.14 please contact:

1. Download the installation file by clicking the download button below.

2. Open the ‘Finder’ window. It looks like this:


3. In ‘Finder’ click ‘Downloads’ on the left side panel.

4. Drag and drop the Fireflypro application from ‘Downloads’ to ‘Applications’ as seen below.


5. Connect your Firefly device to your Mac

If you have a wireless device – Plug in the receiver, turn on the device, and set both to the same channel.

If you have a wired device – Connect your device to the Mac by plugging in the USB cable.

6. Start the FireflyPro application by clicking ‘Applications’ on the left side panel and double clicking the FireflyPro application.