Your camera may be experiencing interference from other wireless devices or may have weak signal strength. Please try the following steps:

    1. Look for a wireless channel with less interference by switching the wireless channel on both the camera and wireless receiver.
    2. Do not cover the back of the camera with your hand. This is where the antenna is located.
    3. Do not place the wireless receiver under metal desks, inside metal cabinets or near metal furniture.
    4. Eliminate as many physical obstacles as possible between the camera and the wireless receiver.
    5. Recharge the camera to strengthen its power output.
    6. Move 5.8GHz cordless phones away as they may cause interference.
    7. Tilt the wireless receiver up and down for better reception.
    8. Sometimes the receiver is getting too hot due to lack of proper ventilation, please improve the flow of air around the receiver to cool it down.

Posted in: Operation