Since it’s release in early 2014 Firefly’s newest addition to its precision wireless digital video medical camera family the DE1250 Wireless Endoscope Camera has been captivating the eyes of ENT doctors, audiologists, and even veterinarians. As a FDA approved device that is compatible with rigid and flexible endoscopes this product has quickly become one of our best sellers.

Though normally we let the DE1250 camera picture quality speak for itself sometimes a review given by a professional will help to shed light on the DE1250’s capabilities. Michael J Kortbus, MD, FACS, of ENT Hudson shared with us the following:

“After looking into several options that are around 10 times more expensive, I was so pleased to come across the Firefly DE1250 camera. I have incorporated it into my practice for several applications, but most especially for balloon sinuplasty in the office. There is nothing like it and it is perfect for this application. I would highly recommend the Firefly.”

– Michael J Kortbus

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