Firefly Global is proud to announce the release of the long awaited FireflyPro Mac compatible software application for our otoscopes, dermatoscopes, microscopes and endocameras. This release combines FireflyPro’s advanced capabilities and high quality imaging with the sleek/simple look of the Mac operating system to result in an effective, easy to navigate interface that is a pleasure to use.

Reviews of this release have been incredibly positive. One FireflyPro Mac user Rick M. says ‘We’re up and running on the new software, and the Firefly is working GREAT and producing amazing images!!”

Added features are the ability to select and relocate multiple images from the Image Toolbar and a 5mm x 5mm measuring grid (only for dermatoscopes) specifically added for counting hair follicles.

This Mac release works on Mac computers and laptops running MacOSx 10.4 or higher. The software is available for download on our website at Enjoy!