November 3rd 2015 – Returning for another year at Medica, Firefly brings its popular DE1250 Wireless Endoscope Camera back to Dusseldorf. The Boston based company, which has been selling its award winning Wireless Video Otoscope and Wireless Digital Dermatoscope cameras to some of the most prestigious organizations around the globe, is now being distributed in over 25 countries, and the number of medical professionals who are bringing the Firefly system on board continues to grow.

Introduced at Medica 2014, the Firefly Wireless Endoscope Camera is one of the highest quality and most economical tools available to document endoscopic procedures, educate patients on why they need to move forward with various procedures, and educate medical students in a clinical setting. While the Wireless Endoscope Camera was designed to help improve endoscopic procedures, it also acts as a powerful documentation tool for electronic medical records (EMR/EHR). Firefly’s CEO, Kapriel Karagozyan, commented on the company’s development philosophy –

“As with all our cameras, we design every product with the doctor and patient in mind. The cameras need to be easy to use, show immediate value, and must be affordably priced. In the case of the DE1250 Wireless Endo-Camera, we also thought of a third party – The electronic medical records software. Images and video from our devices can be easily imported or transferred into standard EMR/EHR platforms. This has broadened the appeal of our products to a wider audience.”

Firefly Global is in the business of making high quality, affordable, video otoscopes, digital dermatoscopes, and endoscope cameras for organizations worldwide. Firefly wireless and wired cameras are small, easy to use and standards-based, making integration with video conferencing solutions quick and easy. Already popular in Ear-Nose-Throat, Primary Care, Audiology, Telemedicine and Dermatology, the number of practices using Firefly are multiplying rapidly. The Firefly Wireless Video Otoscope, Wireless Digital Dermatoscope, and Wireless Endoscope Camera can be found at Medica in Booth 16/D32-15 in the US Pavilion, from November 16th to the 19th.