Emcura Immediate Care in Bloomfield, MI is taking medical care to the next level and providing a totally new medical experience by always putting the needs of the patients first rather than treating the patient as an isolated medical complaint. Emcura’s model includes using technology with minimal risks to provide evidence based practices and an enhanced patient experience.

According to Dr. Kesliker the Wireless Firefly Otoscope fits perfectly into Emcura’s mission as the patient can see exactly what the doctor is seeing. The doctor can then explain the live video feed streaming to the viewing screen that shows microscopic images of the ear canal and the tympanic membrane.

Most of us aren’t doctors so our bodies can be mysterious. Emcura is bridging the information gap and giving the patients the information they need to be confident about their treatment.

At Emcura, the patient can even take these pictures home with them and Emcura will incorporate the images into their electronic medical records for future visits. By using the snapshot feature on the Firefly to take a picture, a doctor can clearly show change of a specific target over time to keep the patient informed.

As patients ourselves, we like Emcura’s ‘see it to believe it’ approach to medical treatment. What do you think?