R3800 Redfin Full HD Endoscope Camera System


The R3800 camera head and cable are waterproof and can be soaked for disinfection. The camera should NOT be autoclaved.

Any endoscope, rigid or flexible, with a standard eye piece will be compatible with the R3800 coupler. If you are unsure if your endoscope has a standard eye piece please email Firefly with the make and model.

These lines are most likely caused by the fibers in your flexible endoscope. To help with this, focus beyond the fibers and at your target. This will minimize the impact of the fibers on the image.


The R3800 console has a variety of output options – HDMI, DVI, SDI, VGA, and composite. So long as the screen has one of these input options we will be compatible. We recommend HDMI as this is a full HD option and most widely available.

Unfortunately laptops only have output ports which are unable to accept data. A computer monitor, TV, or medical grade monitor will be the best options.


If you have questions, or if you need assistance, email us with your name and number (or best way to reach you) and we will get back to you as soon as we can – support@fireflyglobal.com

All Firefly devices include a 1 year warranty. For warranty issues, please contact Firefly for assistance.

We offer a wireless light source that works great in clinical applications: ES201 Portable LED Light Source